Jason Kirkness, a distinguished figure in the country music scene, hails from the small farming community of Kleefeld, Manitoba, population 400. His journey from these humble beginnings to becoming a celebrated artist is a testament to his talent and dedication. Kirkness' music is characterized by its heartfelt storytelling and relatable themes, resonating deeply with his growing fanbase. His new album, "What Got Me Here," promises to be a reflective and poignant addition to his discography, with the Top 40 single "Anywhere the Night Goes" already generating considerable buzz for Kirkness, or Kirky as his fans call him.

Over the years, Jason has built an impressive career, marked by numerous accolades and high-profile performances. In 2023, he clinched the Male Artist of the Year award at the Manitoba Country Music Association (MCMA) awards, further solidifying his status in the industry. His live performances have seen him sharing the stage with country heavyweights such as Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, and Florida Georgia Line, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences alongside some of the biggest names in the genre. 2024 has already seen Jason on a six week radio tour of Canada, a week in Australia and three weeks in the States visiting stations in support of his upcoming single “What Got Me Here”.

Jason's past releases have been met with critical acclaim and commercial success. His single "Anywhere The Night Goes," produced in collaboration with Nashville's finest, has been a standout track, receiving extensive airplay including a Top 40 Canadian Country position for 18 weeks and a US Billboard Indicator spot. This single, along with others like "Right Where I Want You" and "Whiskey Kiss," highlights his knack for crafting memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The current release “What's Wrong With Me” is quickly gaining the support of the worldwide country radio industry. These songs have not only topped regional charts but also helped him secure a dedicated following.

As Jason Kirkness continues to evolve as an artist, his commitment to authentic and emotionally resonant music remains unwavering. With the release of  the full length "What Got Me Here" July 2024, fans can look forward to another compelling chapter in his musical journey. His blend of sincerity, skill, and passion ensures that Jason Kirkness will continue to be a significant force in the country music landscape.

Photo Credit: Nicolo Intac