Meet Jason Kirkness, "Film Maker".  As a long time fan of films (particularly drama, comedy and documentary) Kirkness has begun to step out into the role of full time film maker.  As a musician, Jason directed both his own music video's and video's for other musicians over his storied career and has nearly 30 production credits to date.  He spent time working in the automotive advertising industry with his first credit going all the way back to 1996 when he helped create the soundtrack to a Dodge commercial.. the one with the cube, remember? More recently Jason works part time as wedding video editor to keep his skills up to date in both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. 

Jason Kirkness is from the humblest of beginnings, growing up in the tiny prairie farming town of Kleefeld, MB.  He grew up knowing he would be a musician and spent much of his young life fronting a touring classic rock/country/casino act and living his “Life on the Road”.  His first tour dates as a solo artist stem back to 2007 when he was transitioning from his role as a career musician to becoming a country music recording artist. Fast forward about a decade; with more then two full years as a resident of Music City, Nashville, TN, two full length albums, two EPs and a live album bringing Kirkness to the point where he’s ready to begin the third chapter in this storied life and career.

Early in 2018 production began on Jason's first feature length documentary "Stand Up Billy Jaye" about 1980's & 90's standup comedian Billy Jaye.  The film follows the comedian through his life and career in San Francisco and New York until his disappearance from the comedy world at the end of the 90's.  Nearly 20 years later Billy is coming back for one final show in 2019, and to explain himself.

Jason is ready to tackle this new chapter of his life and is available for film work as a videographer, editor, sound designer, producer and director and is always open to new projects and ideas.  Currently working in Toronto, Winnipeg, New York and Nashville.  Available world wide.


Photo Credit: Sarah Sopotyk

Photo Credit: Sarah Sopotyk