In Production

Stand Up Billy Jaye - Documentary - 2020

Early in 2018 production began on Jason's first feature length documentary about 1980's & 90's standup comedian "Billy Jaye".  The film follows the comedian through his life and career in San Francisco and New York until his disappearance from the comedy world at the end of the 90's.  Nearly 20 years later Billy is coming back for one final show in 2019, and to explain himself.

Stand Up Billy Jaye

Stand Up Billy Jaye


Jason Kirkness - Live on top of the World - 2010

In October of 2010 Jason Kirkness, along with band mates, Jay Tooke and Noel Linsey made the over 2000 mile trip to Inuvik, NT. How could a community three degrees inside the arctic circle be the warmest place in North America? Originally filmed at the Mad Trapper in Inuvik, NT and it was to be released as part of a deluxe edition of "Life on the Road", Jason's debut album.